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Profile, ELITE Hub sets

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-Profile Racing designed Elite Cassette Hubset to be the best racing hubset available! They are also suitable for trails and light park use.

  • 6 pawl driver for 204 points of engagement means instant forward motion at the first application of pedal pressure.
  • Color matched anodized Volcano cones and aluminum cone spacers with hardened CrMo knurls to bite into dropouts.
  • Front hub choices of 3/8″, 14mm, & 15mm/20mm oversized axles!
  • Bolt choices for 3/8″ threaded aluminum axle:
  • CrMo or Ti one-piece drivers.
  • Aluminum or Titanium splined drivers for Profile Cogs.
  • Standard CrMo Cogs, or upgrade to Aluminum or Elite CrMo Cogs.
  • RHD or LHD(36h & 9t Only)
  • 36h or 28h(RHD Only)
  • Standard BMX 110mm(rear) & 100mm(front) hub widths
  • 3/8  aluminum axle NOT intended for use with pegs. NOT intended for heavy street riding.

How to Service Your Profile Rear Elite Hub

Colors: Red, Black, Blue, Polished, Gold , Green, Purple, Aqua, Matte Black, White

Elite Front Hub Weights:
Hub w/CrMo Axle Bolts: 8.1oz / 231g
Hub w/Ti Axle Bolts: 7.3oz / 207g

Elite Cassette Hub Weights:

Hub w/ 3/8 CrMo bolts, Alu Driver, 16t CrMo Cog: 15.15oz / 430g
Hub w/ 3/8 CrMo bolts, Alu Driver, 16t Elite CrMo Cog: 14.80oz / 421g
Hub w/ 3/8 CrMo bolts, Alu Driver, 16t Alu Cog: 13.95oz / 396g